MaMa – Mantova Makers

is a network of companies that operate in different fields created with the objective of spreading the particularities and expressive tools of each participating company throughout the whole world. The companies have the same vocation for their quality in culture and the Mantuan territory, known since the Renaissance for the unsurpassable leadership in the fields that the founding ompanies of MaMa belong to. A natural result is promoting the native city. The companies, which share a strong cultural tie as well as a territorial one and that have received recognition on an nternational level, by qualifying themselves they have qualified the Mantuan territory, with a productive system of reciprocal exchange. MaMa – Mantova Makers, proceeding within circles of excellence and through the development of articulated initiatives, sets itself as ambassador of its wn city, representing the traditions and values of the past, through the network’s participating companies.

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